3D printing of tomorrow in your home

Express delivery 24/48h by MRW *

(*by Correos to Canary Islands)

KIT RepRap Prusa i3 Single Plate / P3SteelMM 
Choose your preferences and get all you need to assemble your Prusa Iteration 3 Single Plate or SteelMM. Our kit includes all you need (power supply, filament, mirror, etc.)
Assembled and calibrated Prusa i3 Single Plate
Your Prusa I3 completly assembled and calibrated by our experts. Entry point to the 3D world without electronics knowledge. Start printing just tomorrow seamlessly
Components, Parts, Filament, Accessories y more...
ABS, PLA, flexible Ninjaflex, PVA, HIPS, Nylon filaments, printed parts, electronics, hotends, kapton tape, motors, bearings, frames, couplings, rods, mirrors, screws, cables...

Shipment guaratee

We at Moebyus Machines do not want to make you wait. We don't show products without having them. We only sell items that are available in our warehouse.

Our shipment agency, MRW, works really well. If no issues, and you don't place the order late during the day, you will be getting your order just the next day (peninsular Spain).

If you would like to know the shipping cost, the easiest way is to simulate an order with your correct address (without actually paying). That way you will see the shipping cost calculated for the weight of selected items and the delivery address.

We understand your desire of printing just tomorrow!

Moebyus Service


We work hard to provide you the best possible service, offering a reliable service, so your purchases enjoy all guaranties and confidence. Our first physical shop is open in adrid (Calle Rafael Ceballos, 7), so you can come to pick up whatever you need or just to say hi.

These are our terms of service (Spanish).



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28029, Madrid
(placed 350 meters away from Plaza de Castilla. Walking down Avenida de Asturias from the square, is one of the streets to the left)
Opening hours: Monday to Friday from 10am to 2pm and from 4pm to 8pm